From Assessment to
the Re-Dedication

You Can Trust Midstate with Your Historic Building Preservation

At Midstate Contractors, Inc. our business is the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. We specialize in but are not limited to courthouses, churches, libraries, universities, school buildings, and other historic landmarks. Many of these historic structures which now are in desperate need of repair, still stand testament to the vision and craftsmanship of the generations that have gone before us. Midstate shares in the same vision today. 

It is our mission to make a future for these masterpieces from the past. We work regularly with architects, engineers, and local officials during the course of a project. From initial assessments, budgeting, and timelines as well as on-site project management, Midstate guarantees the capability you expect in restoring your building to its former glory. By combining original methods and tools from the past as well as modern-day advancements we can recreate any restoration project meticulously. 

As certified professionals in a field of our own, we will assist your renovation project to completion.

Logan County Courthouse

The Logan County Courthouse will once again serve the community for another century. Extensive research of the buildings history along with the current condition required a complete removal of the dome and clock tower which was hazardously declining. In addition to the tower and dome the courthouse as well received a new roof structure, roof, cornice, gutters and dormers all fabricated in our state of the art facility. Presently Midstate is finishing the interior restoration back to original design with materials to commemorate the historical significance of the courthouse.



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