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Trefoil Louvres

Cornice Works fabricated 8 trefoil louvres using  galvanized steel. Each trefoil was soldered together, cleaned, primed and finally painted. Once completed some louvres were fit with a screen backing to allow for ventilation while others had a solid piece on the back. The backing was determined by the client as to where they would be placed on the structure. For this project, Cornice Works was solely the fabricator.


Many of our clients do not realize that we have a sub-division, Cornice Works, let alone the vast field of work we can do. Aside from sheet metal and woodworking we also do work with casting, plasters and resins (and much more!). For this specific project we created a mold from an original rosette and casted 150 small plastic resin copies and 12 large rosettes. Using the casting method is a great way to create multiple copies of an architectural element to ensure they all look identical.

Gothic Arches

Similar to the trefoil louvres, we fabricated 16 gothic style arches. The gothic arches were very similar in the process of fabrication; design, cut out pieces, solder together, clean, prime, paint. When we mention cleaning the pieces before we paint, this is because cleaning and neutralizing any leftover flux from soldering is very important. If flux is left exposed on the metal when it is painted it will eventually result in rust, peeling, and chipping.

Style 124

Style 124 is a hair and beauty salon located in our hometown of Marion, Ohio who recently opened their shop downtown. They reached out to us in hopes of having a custom storefront sign made. Our answer was of course yes! as we have had the opportunity to design other signs in the area and love the level of creativity that comes with it. We came up with their sign idea by making it blend into their store front; using the same paint colors and sign shape to fit perfectly into a recessed panel. The sign ended up being a narrow rectangle with the words “STYLE 124” and a pair of scissors attached as raised pieces and “SALON SUITES” was engraved. The edges of the sign were rounded over and to add some extra detail the corners were carved inward to create the signs ultimate shape.

Do you live in or around Marion, OH? Style 124 may be the salon for you! Follow the link below to check them out and schedule an appointment.


ReMARCAble is another shop located in downtown Marion right beside Style 124. ReMARCAble is a store run by individuals from MARCA Industries who sell various products from all Ohio vendors and artisans. MARCA contacted us to make them a sign as well built to match their neighbors (Style 124). The sign ended up having the same shape and background colors as well as fabrication method but their stores name was in much brighter tones. (Blue and Green).

How reMARCAble is this sign and shop?! They are known as a gift shop stocked full over local products and they also serve coffee and tea. To top all of that the store is staffed by the individuals of MARCA. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

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