Fabrication is the Heart of Every Restoration Project

We Design and Fabricate Historically Accurate Architectural Elements

Design and fabrication are important aspects of any historical restoration. For more than 30 years Midstate has completed each project to perfection. In return, Midstate has created a separate fabrication division titled Cornice Works.


Cornice Works fulfills the supply and demand of onsite work as well as assisting other contractors. We can provide everything from consulting expertise to designs and finished architectural elements. We boast an extensive inventory of finished and ready to manufacture designs for your current project.

How We Design & Create Architectural Elements

Design is the first step in the production of any custom architectural element. At Cornice Works we use modern technology to design the integration of an accurate architectural facade with modern substructure that enhances functionality. Meanwhile, maintaining the historical integrity of your building. Innovative thinking combined with experience aids the designers at Cornice Works to have the answer to your restoration problem.


When it comes to invention, we balance modern technology and old world hands on craftsmanship. Whether the need is for wood, composite material, masonry or sheet metal our artisans can produce any architectural piece from dentil brackets to statue restoration and beyond.

“Do your work to the highest quality and let your results speak to everyone that you are a
true artisan.”
– Bart Hooper

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