St Luke’s Episcopal Church

Located in Granville, Ohio

Built in 1838

Restoration Details


  • Removed failing roof structure, trusses and bell tower
  • Designed, fabricated and installed new architectural wood bell tower complete
  • Designed, Engineered and installed new roof structure and trusses
  • Designed, installed Historically correct exterior siding in Greek Revival
  • Designed, Fabricated and installed new Architecturally correct windows
  • Designed, Constructed new exterior lower level entry to period Architecture


  • Complete demolition and rebuild of the Church undercroft
  • Updated plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems
  • Designed, fabricated and installed new Historical plaster elements in Sanctuary in Greek Revival
  • Historical Custom paint color match, and stain finishes in Sanctuary
  • Designed, Fabricated and installed Historically correct window shutters in Sanctuary

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