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The Barn at Stratford – Roof Replacement

Midstate Contractors, Inc. completed a full standing seam roof and post and beam renovation on the Barn at Stratford in Delaware, OH. Since The Barn at Stratford was built circa 1840, it has suffered extensive wear and deterioration. Over time, the failing bents caused the roof and ridge members to sag and push the exterior walls out at the eaves. The previous owners’ prior repairs to try and pull the walls together were unsuccessful. This resulted in all timbers from the bent girts to the ridge to be replaced as well as newly engineered steel plates to maintain the historical character and meet today’s building codes. One of the main challenges while completing this project was to ensure the building was watertight and able to remain occupied throughout the entire project. To do this, Midstate installed a temporary watertight floor just below the bent girt and began the removal of the existing roof and framing one at a time. Once each bay or section was safely removed, Midstate then began building an entirely new timber framing system using post and beam construction. The timber framing, rafters, purlins, and sheathing were built using rough sawn poplar. Upon the completion of the demo and timber framing, Midstate began installing double lock standing seam panels. The panels were fabricated in house using 24ga. galvalume in 10’ lengths to maintain the historic appearance. In addition to the roof renovation, the original masonry / stone gable end required restoration as well. Midstate removed 100% of the mortar joints on the south wall and re-pointed them with new restoration mortar to strengthen the wall as well as keep it watertight. The completion of this project sets a great example for any communities who have historic structures at risk of being abandoned or torn down. This roof renovation proves historic structures can be preserved and occupied for many generations to come, serving as a way of connecting our past with our future. This preservation project was made possible by The Delaware County Historical Society and the crew at Midstate Contractors, Inc.

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