Logan County Courthouse

Bellefontaine, Ohio

Built in 1870

Restoration Details


  • Complete removal of bell tower including structural support
  • Complete Architectural design drawings of original bell tower and Mansard Roof and Cornice
  • Complete bell tower exterior metal  replacement
  • New metal Fabrication by Cornice Works to exactly match original Architectural design with galvanized sheet metal ( all joints Artisan soldered, no caulking)
  • Fabrication of new tower windows (operable wood)
  • New tower metal facade structure (design & fabrication)
  • New Corinthian capitals on Tower (designed, Artisan molded and fabricated by Cornice Works)
  • Tower design; structure and exterior metal fabricated, test-fit and assembled at Midstate’s shop, disassembled and shipped to site and lifted into place
  • Restored bell, rope wheel, structure and support
  • Designed/Installed new metal coffer ceiling at bell level
  • New lightening protection system
  • New programmable interior lights
  • New OSHA approved access to all levels of the tower
  • Two part urethane paint (Historical color match)
  • New copper lined cornice gutter by Cornice Works with interior drains

Main Structure

  • Complete original truss/roof removal due to failing structure
  • New concrete bond beam for new roof truss support
  • New trusses with interior walk ways
  • New Slate Mansard roof with original multi-color design
  • New standing seam metal roof
  • New copper gutter linings by Cornice Works (all joints Artisan soldered)

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