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Selby Building – Coshocton, OH

The Selby Building of Coshocton, OH was built in 1895 by Edgar Selby. Over the years the 62,000 sq ft space has been used for retail, apartments, post office and more. However the entire building has sat vacant since 2011 and sustained serious water and structural damage. The roof fell in and many ceilings and floors below have also collapsed due to the wood rot. This structure is a major building in Coshocton’s downtown and the city does not want to see it become a parking lot. Over the years of vacancy, OTC (Our Town Coshocton), has been working to come up with plans, designs, and investors to start the restoration.


Midstate was hired to first come in and remove all debris coming from the collapsed roof. Midstate will be removing the roof, installing a temp roof, removing the flooring and securing the space below. The third floor area is top priority right now, as the building is continually exposed to weather and elements. Once the temp roof is installed, the area will be safe from water damage and ready to repair the structure.


The photos below are all before and during restoration to give you an idea of how damaged the property is and how much work there is to be completed.

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