Holmes County Courthouse – Tower Restoration

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This project included

  • Full Tower Design Build
  • Demolition of existing copper skin
  • Clean, repair and paint inner steel structure
  • Install of new plywood sheathing and wood armatures for strength, shape and structure
  • Design of new exterior copper skin – we added as much original ornamentation as possible including cornices, capitals, columns, balustrades, cupola, finial, pedestal bases, louvres and so much more.
  • Install a new copper floor for the bell
  • Fabrication of all exterior copper, cupola structure and cupola exterior (just like main tower)
  • Installation of copper by level (base, louvre, clock, dome ,cupola, finial)
  • Fabrication and Installation of new fences for each corner mansard roof
  • Restoration and Installation of the original Lady of Justice as well as her scales and sword.

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